Saturday, September 25, 2004

Last night I forgot to write down my feeling about the call with Jing.
In my eyes, Jing has good Qian2Jing3 now since the professor in MIT promised to offer her scholarship as long as her GRE and TOEFL score can be over the requirement. But Jing told me she once thought of giving up the night before last because she found herself like a loser. She thought she couldn't do anything successfully.
It's really out of my expection. So you can see it's a real hard way in front of us. We struggle with ourselves everyday. I know it's not that easy for Jing to get the satisfactory score.
This morning when I was looking at the sun shine out of window I decided not to think the trasfer again. I feel relaxing at that time. But when I sit in front of my computer and face my research proposal, I think of the possible disagreement with my supervisor in the future. I think I should sit for TOEFL soon.
I am thinking what's the most important thing in a not top university and what is my plan after graduation.


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