Thursday, October 07, 2004

A letter for Cai

Hi Caicai,

What happened in your life? You seem not to be very good. What's the trouble?
I am always worried about my research. But I think I have to be brave to face everything. No use to complain and nobody can help me. The process may be more important than the result since the process is much longer than the result. So if I learn to enjoy the process, I can get more fun. So I am trying to enjoying reading and thinking. Many times, I thought I got an idea, I would work it out soon at night, but in the morning of the following day, I found I was wrong, I couldn't see where was the solution. But I believe there must be a way out. So I just work hard. I think it must be somewhere waiting for me.
Except that, I feel good. I live in the dorm with other four people. But I have my own room, so I enjoy the freedom. I had thought I might feel lonely, but acturally, most time, I enjoy the time with myself.

Best Wishes,


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