Monday, March 07, 2005

letter to Jing

Now I'm busy with my research proposal and the coming first year review.
I go swimming every two or three days. I only swim 20 circles, about 1 hour not adding the shower time. I try to Cai3Shui3, but haven't suceeded yet.
These days, I treat myself very well. I cook for my every meal. I drink Soya milk and eat one egg as my breakfast. For lunch, I have rice and a dish. In the evening, I have some vegetables and congee. I hope my food is healthy. I should treat myself very well and I feel I'm getting pretty. :-) A little bit like the mood in the good past time I told you before. Hehe
Recently, I learn english hard and feel very happy. Listen to the radio. It seems I can understand more than before.
This semster I meter 20 students. And I found they are all foreigners. That is a big chanllege to me. But I have confidence I can do it well.


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